GISGEO its a company specialized in developing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) web and mobile software solutions, mainly based on Open Source technologies.

Based in Oporto city, GISGEO has a team of highly qualified and motivated professionals with higher multidisciplinary education and highly experienced in GIS, with participation in national and international projects.

For more information about GISGEO and its products, visit the webpage in gisgeo.pt.


GEO_CAR-04Real time location of light and heavy vehicles. Save fuel, time, communication with drivers, vehicles’ maintenance and CO2 emissions. Optimize your resources and ensure your clients a more effective service.

GEO_DECIDE-04Gestão de recursos em mobilidade.
Geographic based solution to support decisions, not only applicable in operational management but also in strategic planning of companies in order to save costs and optimize resources.
GEO_MED-04Digital map representation of the location / distribution of population and its intersection with healthcare data aiming for promoting health and minimizing risks of the environment over the individual.
Decision support to healthcare professionals on promoting health, and to managers on resources distribution.
GEO_SPATIAL-04Integrated land management, unifying data from various sources – cartographic, topographic – as well as interconnection with commercial and financial information, in order to optimize production and sustainability.
Registration of infrastructure, planning of preventive or corrective actions, management and maintenance of estate assets.
GEO_SEGUR-04Sharing information with different agents in real time generates a comprehensive and wide-ranging image to deciders in operation centers. Allows situations’ evaluation, immediate decisions based on current data or tendencies’ analysis in order to decide measures in medium and long term.

GEO_SPORT-04For those who can’t live without the adrenaline of extreme sports or those who prefer the quietness of a long walk through remote landscapes, safety must always be first. If you want to spend time in distant or almost inaccessible places don’t disregard safety and keep your location accessible.

GEO_MARKETING-04Map visualization of location / distribution of company assets and external entities, as well as economic and financial statistics calculated from the amounts recorded in the accounting and management systems.
GEO_TRAVEL-04Mobile App that combines Augmented Reality with geopositioning and is a multilingual and multimedia interactive guide with map presentation and sharing on social networks.
GEO_INDOOR-04Machinery with electric source control or recipients without electric source.

GISGEO it´s a company who embraces to the Consumer Conflict Resolution.